Character Poster: The Shadows the Return has Begun

Kaden Worthington The Shadows Saga

“Kaden Worthington, I said to myself, as if somehow his name held a forbidden secret.” Ashlenn pg 10.

The Shadows: the Return has Begun

Destiny is about to change.

What lurks in the shadows may change the destiny of six young lives forever. That is, if they can survive at all. The Shadows: The Return Has Begun, the heart-pounding young adult debut novel by Alouy Martinez, is a tale of mystery, suspense, action, and romance that charts the perilous course of six young characters as their fates unfold, and their true identities are revealed as the formidable entities known as The Shadows. Dramatic, dark, and alluring, this enthralling work of fiction goes where no vampire or werewolf novel has ever gone before. The Shadows: The Return Has Begun shares the points of view of the six young characters as they journey together to Paris, France. They are Ashlenn Vandenhoff, Melinda Wadsworth, Darcy Roswell, Christopher De Groot, Kaden Worthington, and Justin Fraser. In Paris, each must grapple with his or her own inner demons. However, it soon becomes chillingly evident that someone is in bloodthirsty pursuit of them all. They soon thereafter realize their destiny as The Shadows, beings created over two thousand years ago to restore order to the unbroken rules of The Heavenly Laws. Upon their demise in 486 AD, a prophecy was born as they took their lives into their own hands. That prophecy marked their return. However this time, destiny won’t control them. At the onset of the novel, Ashlenn is having visions of her parents’ death, but she chooses to ignore them. As the novel shifts perspective from one character to the next, plots diverge, then intertwine again. Similarly, each of the characters in The Shadows brings into light his or her most hidden moments, only to face a destiny that may be even more terrifying yet. Will they overcome forces that are primed to wage deadly battle against them all? And can they face their own demons as they do? The Shadows: The Return Has Begun creates a new legion of deadly foes that rages through every gripping page of this wildly inventive, gripping new novel.

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